What To Look For In A Party Venue Before Booking

We all want to become the perfect hosts for our special celebrations. Thanks to the variety of alternative spaces such as a self storage available for hire, our inherent desire of throwing the best party in town is well within our reach.

However, it is important to look at a number of factors before choosing your party rental space. This is because these factors play a big role in determining the success and seamlessness of your party.

If you are thinking about hiring a party space for your next big occasion, these tips will help you choose the perfect venue.

Location of the venue

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Whenever you are choosing the location of the party venue, it should be such that it is easy for the guests to arrive there. Ideally, it should be accessible by public transport and also have ample parking space for those who choose to come by private transportation.

If you’re still looking for a venue which provides these benefits – Work+Store has the solution. From affordable birthday party venues to budget solemnization venues, our self-storages doesn’t only give you different party options, but we also ensure guests receive maximum convenience. All of our venues are closeby to public transport such as the MRT and bus. This convenience is also extended to drivers with personal vehicles, as our locations are accessible via various routes and come with parking lots so you can park your cars with ease.

Layout and design

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

It is important to check out the layout and overall design of the party hall or party space that you are thinking of booking. Whether it’s a small warehouse or any other kind of alternative space, it should go in line with your proposed theme or occasion. For example, if you want to stay true to your roots and go traditional, this is the opportunity to have your ideal theme desires met. You can bring along one of your beloved parents for a second opinion when it comes to solemnization planning.

Other than the layout, the design of the venue is also of prime importance. You should look for ventilation, natural lighting, air conditioning facilities and artificial lighting options in the venue before choosing it for your big day. These requirements will also vary according to the type of party.

Option of catering

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Affordable Birthday Party Venues

Many party venues require the clients to choose from their catering services only, while some others may allow the client to arrange their own food or caterer. Before you finalise a party venue, you should ask the administration about their rules regarding catering.

At Work+Store, the decision is yours. There is no restriction or rules when it comes to catering. We offer the cheapest self storages with unlimited capacity and if you have been wanting to call in your favourite caterer to bring in those delicious desserts, you have the ability to do so! Food and drinks are the heart of any party, so you can be very sure of the quality of catering services you are organising.

A great party comprises many elements such as theme, food, drinks, games, ambience, and venue. Each of these factors is as important as the rest. So, be sure to choose your party venue with great care and after due consideration, and make the most of them.

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