What You Should Consider Before Expanding A Business

Singapore Workspace Rental, Small Business Space For Rent

It is every entrepreneur’s ambition to grow beyond the present. For some, this may translate to expanding the capacity of the current business while for others, it may mean venturing into new lines of business or to new territories. The bottom line is, successful companies make it their business to grow beyond their ‘comfort zones.’

But, there’s a point of hesitation and uncertainty when faced with the decision to expand. Expand too soon and you may put pressure on your resources, thus affecting the existing business negatively, or failure to jump at the opportunity to expand and competition will spring and gobble up a bigger chunk of the market.

It is clear – the resolution to expand a business needs careful consideration and here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Do you have a clear strategy?

Singapore Workspace Rental, Small Business Space For Rent

The strategy is your business’ roadmap towards achieving its vision and mission. It lays down a concrete definition of what the business envisions to attain and a practical description of how to attain it. As a business leader, you need to be clear about the move to expand before taking measured risks according to your findings.

Once you have set your aim and objective, figure out the next step such as looking for a bigger workspace rental in Singapore to accommodate your business growth.

Assess your financials

Singapore Workspace Rental, Small Business Space For Rent

Next is to check your financial capacity. Is your cash flow healthy? What is the ROI of the expansion? Financial investment is a prerequisite to business expansion. When considering about acquiring additional or bigger business spaces to rent, finding an affordable working space for lease may be a challenge. That means you will need to part with some significant amount of cash and here is where finding alternative and flexible workspaces from the cheapest self storages in Singapore will come in handy.

Unlike traditional offices which come with long-term lease agreements and high rental costs, these work spaces for rent often have flexible lease terms and all-inclusive rates so you can save on expenses and get more value for your business.

Operational considerations  

Singapore Workspace Rental, Small Business Space For Rent

Be prepared to minimise the interruptions and disruptions on your existing business operations as you begin the transition. Ensure that your existing operational resources have the capacity to handle the move without affecting product output negatively. Your operational resources, including people, equipment, space, and other infrastructure should be sufficiently robust to handle the move without negatively affecting existing business.

During the transitional period, you might also be moving office equipment and furniture to and fro. Renting a unit from a self storage in Singapore will be a great solution for providing extra storage of your office belongings temporarily.

Do your premises measure up?

Singapore Workspace Rental, Small Business Space For Rent

In most cases, expansions mean that your company will need more space to accommodate bigger operations and more staff. There comes a time when you would also be expanding your business spaces to set up a new workplace, warehouse or a showroom for customers. You can find the cheapest self-storages in Singapore with budget business spaces for rent where you can benefit from having sufficient space to run your daily business activities and expand your team.

Smart entrepreneurs know that every business venture carries a fair share of uncertainty. Therefore, take time with your strategy team to map out the worst case scenario and develop a plan of how you will withdraw if it gets to that.

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