Why A Storage Unit Is Ideal For Ecommerce Business Owners

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

Regardless of the ecommerce platform you are using to sell your products, it is likely that you will encounter the issue of inventory management at the start of your business; especially if you’re a fresh startup. As a result, it may lead to a cluttered space and will disrupt business operations and efficiency.

Hence, it is crucial for you to come up with a solution – such as using a self-storage to carry out your day-to-day tasks and manage your inventory at the same time.

Continue to read below and understand what other benefits you can expect when you decide to get a storage space for your ecommerce business.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

When you choose to get a self-storage, you are not only saving space, but decluttering your unit as well. This ensures that there’s more room for employees to move about. Moreover, storage units are spacious enough for you to store items and go about your daily operations conveniently. As such, this creates a healthier and conducive environment for your staff to complete their tasks.

To help you select a unit of the appropriate size for your ecommerce business – Work+Store provides a vast range of the cheapest self-storages and work and storage spaces, where self-storages range from 6 sqft up until 730 sqft, and work and storage spaces begin from 88 sqft onwards. Moreover, in regards to our work and storage spaces – you can choose a unit which suits your convenience best; we have many locations available across Singapore, including Tampines, Aljunied, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bartley, Pasir Panjang, Bukit Merah, Kallang, and Ang Mo Kio. Currently, there are several available units at our Pasir Panjang location, and you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of multiple F&B outlets close by and the easily accessible AYE and West Coast Highway for those coming down via personal transport. Contact our staff for additional information. Terms and conditions apply.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

To reduce your operational expenses and increase your profit margin, it would be good to invest in a self storage. There’s a variety of unit sizes you can pick from, so you can opt for a space which suits your business budget best. There is also better flexibility when you choose to upscale your business operations and upgrade your existing space as your business grows. This provides you with an affordable solution for your business needs in the long run.

Apart from offering the cheapest self storages and work and storage spaces, Work+Store has also set up our Zero Deposit Guarantee programme for eligible businesses, so they can save on the deposit amount and utilise it for other crucial business expenses such as the restocking of inventory. Selected spaces even come with all-inclusive prices in certain locations, where business owners will get to enjoy basic facilities like lighting, a powerpoint, and air conditioning. To help your business in the long run, Work+Store offers flexible service terms in the event that you ever want to downsize or upgrade your space. You can choose to convert to any one of our products and services within our building or even our parent company, LHN Group, where you’ll find alternative spaces like an industrial unit, event location, and so on.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Storage Space

The safety of your employees, inventory and other essentials in your storage unit should be assured of within your space and outside of it. While you can get pedestals and cabinets with locks, the latter can only be guaranteed through proper security measures being implemented by your storage company. Hence, once you have acquired a storage unit with such implementations – you can focus on your ecommerce business, fully knowing that your inventory and staff are well-protected.

We provide round-the-clock camera surveillance and accessibility for all our units to ensure the utmost safety. Moreover, through our work and store ideation – our spaces are able to boost efficiency in goods acquisition, ease logistics procedures – all in all, leading to customer satisfaction.

Self-storages aren’t only a suitable storage method for ecommerce businesses, but it’s also a cost-saving and sustainable option for increased profits and future business growth.

With that said, it remains crucial for business owners to stay even more vigilant more than ever with the COVID-19 pandemic. While there has been news of Phase 3 proceeding late 2020, we must still comply with the implemented rules and regulations set by the authorities for the well-being of our own and employees. Hence, ensure you take the initiative by getting hold of necessities like sanitisers and disinfecting wipes to maintain a safe and healthy environment.

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