Why Choose Alternative Event Spaces Over Traditional Venues

Small Baby Shower Venues, Cheap Venues For Birthday Parties

If you are looking at hosting an event, it is highly likely that you are looking at hiring a grand ballroom in a hotel or another traditional event space rental. People often prefer the all-inclusive services provided in the rental package, in a venue that already has a specific setting or theme to accommodate your event.

However, with more and more unique and contemporary event space rental provided by self storages in Singapore, people are also exploring for alternative spaces to host an event that plays up to their creativity level and be a memorable success of the night.

Here are some reasons why to choose an event space rental over traditional venues.


Small Baby Shower Venues, Cheap Venues For Birthday Parties

When you are working with an event space rental, you get a chance to get those creative juices flowing in deciding on the theme, interior and décor, entertainment and activities. Some traditional venues may impose restrictions on outside vendors or have limited facilities or space to support your choice of activities.

Most self-storages in Singapore that offer event spaces for rent provide flexibility as well so you can engage in your own choice of vendors, such as catering, to serve the type of cuisine you had in mind. These spaces typically would also have facilities such as water supply, air conditioning, and 24-hour accessibility so you will have ample time in the preparation of your event.


If you are hosting a corporate product launch, you want the branding at the launch to make a statement and sink in the minds of attending guests. Stand out from the crowd and deliver an impressionable event that people would want to talk about and spread the word about your brand.

From creative door gifts to engaging highlights of the event, your choice of event space rental can be a useful extension of your brand’s personality. For example, if you’re looking for a chic industrial studio look for a fashion-forward brand, event rental spaces from a small warehouse can provide that necessary overall mood and tone you wish to capture.

Capacity and size

Small Baby Shower Venues, Cheap Venues For Birthday Parties

Standard venue considerations still apply. Usually, venues are limited by the number of people who can occupy it at any time. It is important to find out this information before you start sending invitations so you can comfortably accommodate your guest list.

Picking the physical size is also important. Ensure it can cater to the number of pax capacity as well as the room layout is spacious enough for guests to move freely through the venue without uncomfortable hindrances. For example, if you’re choosing a budget solemnization venue from one of the cheapest self-storages in Singapore, you will have your own requirements on how open and spacious you would like the event space to be.

When it comes to venue choice, thinking outside of the box can be helpful for an added surprise element to your guests and amp up their excitement. Having a unique event space and finalizing its details with creative touches can serve a high-impact first impression to wow your attendees.

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