Why WFH Is The New Way Of Working During The COVID-19 Crisis

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While the nation has officially entered Phase 2 to resume business operations and reopen the economy slowly – not every single business will be able to return to normalcy just yet. For certain, essential services are to continue with operations as they did even during the Circuit Breaker period. However, certain work and businesses will still have to continue working remotely until further notice from the government.

As such, we will still be seeing many working from the comfort of their home until then. However, the WFH (Work-from-Home) brings about many benefits even if it means not physically interacting with colleagues or customers. Even though there are those who can’t wait to return to the workplace – remote working will have to do for now.

Now, let’s look into the various reasons why WFH is the best way of working amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Low Rent Office Space

Since the virus is more likely to spread with more interaction and socialisation with others – the optimal solution would be to limit or minimise contact with others. Hence, which is why remote working or WFH will ensure that would be the case. After all, it is the best way to slow down the spread of the virus and eventually come across the scenario of a few or even zero cases.

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Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Low Rent Office Space

Travelling to and fro can be exhausting and cost a considerable amount of money for travelling expenses each month. Especially if you live far away from your workplace, it can become more of a hassle and take a toll on you with all the long durations of travelling. As such, WFH comes into the picture perfectly by improving work-life balance since there is no need to constantly travel or pay for taking public transport or refilling fuel.

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Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Low Rent Office Space

It may not be the same for everyone – but some employers have mentioned that working from home has not compromised the productivity levels of employees. In some cases, the efficiency of employees has improved on working from home, because they are able to balance their work and life better. Thus, the WFH concept can prove to be beneficial for companies as well from a monetary perspective as well as for employee efficiency.

Besides acquiring a low rent office space to limit your expenses, a workspace which can function as an ancillary office will help in productivity as well. Such a workspace will be able to manage multiple activities in one space, for instance, manufacturing or industrial tasks. At Work+Store, we don’t just provide the cheapest self storages and workspaces, but we also help in easing the goods acquisition process, boosting efficiency in goods acquisition, and elevating customer satisfaction by bringing work and storage space together.

From lowering the chances of contracting the virus for an employee to maintaining work productivity and efficiency – WFH is an excellent way of working, especially with the appearance of a crisis.

With the launch of Phase 2 – we will see more businesses reopen in order to help the economy return to its original state. However, the same doesn’t apply to all, and it may still be a case of remote working for your business. Meanwhile, Work+Store, as we did during the Circuit Breaker period, will still be operating as usual so tenants who have rented our self storages or workspaces initially may still use these spaces. However, we would like everyone’s cooperation in complying with the measures and rules in place by the government so we can all keep ourselves safe and healthy to our best ability. As a nation, we will slowly be able to get past this pandemic if everyone does their own part.

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