Why You Should Rent an Event Space for Your Wedding Venue

Budget Solemnization Venue

What sort of places comes into your mind first when planning your wedding? A popular restaurant, perhaps? What about a ballroom? Or a hotel, maybe? Either of those three are normally what most people would associate with wedding venues, but, the stark reality is that the rising prices of traditional wedding venues have forced a lot of couples to go over budget or break the bank to rent those places.

But there are also other alternatives. Today, self storages in Singapore offer event spaces that can meet your needs whether you’re looking for a Malay wedding venue or budget solemnization venue.

Event Spaces and Weddings

Budget Solemnization Venue Singapore

Event spaces are a very affordable alternative for couples that can provide a unique wedding experience. There are plenty of event space rental in the cheapest self-storages in Singapore that are suitable for a variety of occasions. With various floor sizes available, there will be an event space that is the right one for your wedding needs.

As a cost-effective solution, you don’t have to worry about spending as much on your wedding venue when you can have more on your budget on other things in your wedding checklist such as your wedding gown, or hiring better photographers, or getting a popular caterer, or even go on your dream destination honeymoon!

These event space rentals in Singapore are also equipped with basic facilities that provide convenience for you and your guests. Besides amenities such as air-conditioning, water, and lighting, other features such as 24-hour accessibility, loading bays, and parking facilities can prove to be very useful to assist in the necessary preparations for your big day.

The Flexibility You Need, for the Wedding You Want

Besides having an affordable wedding venue, you also have the flexibility to decorate to the wedding theme of your choosing. Make use of the industrial-chic elements like concrete floors and walls, industrial lighting, high ceilings and large windows with natural light streaming in. You can plan out the layout suited to your celebration, including seating arrangements to accommodate the capacity you have in mind. Guests can enjoy clear views of the stage and feel a sense of openness while being seated.

Other furnishings and add-ons include and flower arrangements, wedding photo booth, and a dance floor that you may want to make space for in your wedding. Another important aspect is you can plan the common walkway configurations and how long or where your aisle goes when you make your grand march-in entrance.

Unlike traditional wedding venues, you can select your own caterer and serve your guests with a menu that you really like. This is especially when food can play a big role in how much guests would enjoy the wedding. Additionally, you can cater to older relatives that have certain dietary preferences or palate.

With all the reasons mentioned, looking into an event space rental by self-storages in Singapore for your wedding is an alternative worth considering for a great wedding journey.

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