Why Your Business Needs a Storage Unit

Why Your Business Needs a Storage Unit

Five advantages of extra storage space for smaller businesses 

If you operate your small business out of a rental space or from home, you’re probably aware of how quickly documents, appliances, and work supplies can take over your home and diminish your productivity.

Here are five reasons why an external storage unit can benefit your small business.

  1. Affordability

Your finances are probably limited when you’re first starting out — which might mean prioritising other expenses over commercial storage spaces. That’s where small external storage units come in.

Instead of renting the minimum required area in a commercial warehouse space, opt to rent smaller storage spaces that cater to individuals and small business owners. The money you save from not going the commercial route can fund other business expenses.

  1. Great for organisation

Storage units are handy for short-term solutions. Say you’re relocating workspaces or putting your business on hold for a while; having an external storage unit saves you the trouble of keeping track of your belongings — simply because they’re organised in one common place.

  1. Practicality

Storage units are especially useful for budding videographers and production houses who always need props for shoots. If you’ve been accumulating your one-time use props, it could be time to invest in a storage unit.

Having an external inventory saves precious (and often more expensive) work space, since you won’t always require immediate access to the props.

Bonus: if your business requires easy access to storage units, considering renting a space that accommodates both working area and storage space. Work+Store’s workspaces begins from just $390.

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Appearances matter

Some breathing space is required for a productive work environment, so consider moving supplies to an offsite location if you don’t need access to them on a regular basis. It’s even more essential to keep a tidy workspace if you frequently entertain clients.

Have a safety net

Sometimes, sensitive or important documents require an external unit for added security when your home set-up or rented space won’t suffice. On top of keeping digital copies, archive important papers and folders safely in a storage unit.

Work+Store Self-Storage provides secure access to users, allowing you to store your documents with a peace of mind.

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