Workspace Tour: By Invite Only

Trixie Khong from By Invite Only talks workspace design

What started as a curious meddling of chains and trinkets has since burgeoned into an established business. Founded in 2009, local jewellery label, By Invite Only, is housed in a workspace studio where jewellery pieces are handmade with love.

Instead of a physical store, By Invite Only now stocks their items at two boutiques and offers an online shop. However, customers have the option of making an appointment at By Invite Only’s studio to discuss customisation ideas.

Much like their simple, versatile jewellery designs, By Invite Only’s studio follows a minimalistic approach. We dropped by to learn more tips and tricks of owning a workspace studio from founder, Trixie Khong.

How would you describe your studio?

Clean and practical. This is evident in the amount of white incorporated into our workspace. Having a white space is also advantageous when we do our product shoots as it acts as a clean background against the colourful crystals and stones.

How do you maintain a sense of productivity and inspiration in your workspace?

Apart from our products, we also incorporate crystals into our décor. This helps with inspiration for designs and creates a cohesive look for the brand. Having clear access to the crystals allows us to study their shapes and aesthetics, which in turn helps us to create better designs.

It’s a lot easier to discuss design ideas in person when working on a custom piece. Whether it’s resizing necklaces or picking out different stones, the iterative process of bouncing around ideas with clients helps to keep us inspired.

What are some of your workspace essentials?

Definitely hand cream! We spend most of our day making jewellery, which means dealing with a lot of different metals and stones. We have to wash our hands each time we handle raw materials, and this can lead to rough hands if we don’t moisturize after.

Another working essential of mine is a background entertainment source. I like to watch shows while I’m making my products because entertainment makes the process less monotonous. Sometimes I’ll even put on a learning series I find on YouTube and listen to it like it’s an e-book.

What are some of the advantages of working at an industrial area?

Aside from having more space and cheaper rent, I think another advantage would be a sense of belonging. This area has been refurbished and is currently occupied by a lot of interesting businesses — young start-ups, media companies, photographers, artists. So as a local business that deals with fashion and accessories, it really helps us not feel out of place.

What is the greatest challenge you faced when setting up your studio?

We actually moved from a smaller space to this current unit, so I guess the challenge was filling up the space. We had a lot of plans for this space but we decided to make it more staff-oriented by taking their crafting needs into consideration. This meant putting in more tables and drawers so that our crafters have a comfortable working space and are able to keep all their necessary equipment.

What tips would you give to someone moving into their studio/workspace?

Don’t get overzealous with buying furniture. People tend to get very excited and end up buying things that they don’t need which leads to unnecessary spending. Instead, take your time.

It’s normal to want your new working space to look the way you’ve imagined as soon as possible. But always remember that it’s a slow process, so don’t rush and only add more stuff as you go along. Our workspace took three months to look the way it does now, so my tip would be to start with what you have and work from there.

What is something that you like and don’t like about your studio/workspace? 

I love the way the natural light filters through the window. It makes the space feel fresh and invigorating. But what I like about the space is also what I don’t like about it. Sometimes the sunlight can be a bit too harsh, resulting in my plants dying.

Also, because we’re in an industrial area, there are many mosquitoes or flies. If we’re working at night, the insects tend to be attracted to the light and will find a way to make their way in.


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