Workspace Tour: Untitled Collective

Workspace Tour: Untitled Collective

 Zachary Goh from Untitled Collective Talks Workspace Design

Veterans in their field, Untitled Collective has spearheaded all kinds of creative campaigns. Recent projects like the UberEATS Singapore 1 Year Anniversary Events and the Singapore Street Festival 2017 are just one of the many testaments to their dedication to fulfilling creative visions.

Their meticulous project management skills also translate to having a well-designed workspace — they have successfully struck a balance between form and function as well as fun and professionalism.

After actively seeking out workspaces and weighing the pros and cons between renting a central co-working space or finding their own workspace, they decided on the latter.

“After all,” founder and creative director, Zachary Goh, says, “it is a lot more affordable getting a workspace of your own at an industrial area.”

We chat with him to find out more about their workspace.

What was the inspiration behind your workspace interior?

We didn’t really have an inspiration for our workspace — it’s not so much a specific look but rather a reflection of our personal preferences. We just put together things that we liked and incorporated certain fengshui props that were advised by our fengshui master.

To be honest, we didn’t really have an idea of what how it would look like until we found this unit. Normally, most people would prefer a rectangular shape because it’s easier to renovate, but we actually picked this unit because of its irregular shape.

Keep things interesting by implementing quirky statement pieces like plush toys or designer pieces.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of the workspace?

My favourite place would definitely be the meeting/discussion area because that’s where we hang out whenever our associates or friends come over. It also has minor details that we’ve put in to incorporate function into form that I really like. For example, the partition wall is actually a matte whiteboard that doubles as a projection screen, which is useful during brainstorming sessions.

As for my least favourite part, well, it’ll be a lot better if we had an in-built washroom so we don’t have to use the communal one.

Make your workspace pop by adding a touch of colour. Furthermore, these acrylic partitions not only create an illusion of space but also helps break up the oddly shaped room into different segments.

Marrying form and function, this partition not only creates the illusion of privacy but also doubles up as a projection screen as well as a whiteboard.

How do you maintain a sense of productivity and inspiration when working?

We didn’t want a rigid, monochromatic workspace so what we did was make our workspace more vibrant and colourful by injecting some elements of fun.

If you look at the Google or Facebook spaces, they have a lot of fun and games for the staff — we think that’s great. Similarly, we like to keep things a little more fun but at the same time not go overboard in order to maintain our professionalism.

So, to create a balance between fun and professionalism, we invest in books. They’re beneficial for us, especially since we’re a creative agency — we can use them for references, as a source of inspiration, or even to learn more.

“Books are a better investment,” shared Zachary. Here’s an added tip: books are a great way to improve the aesthetics of a space as they double as great décor.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced while implementing the design of the space?

The greatest challenge would definitely be getting everyone on the same page as us. When you have to outsource a team of contractors and their sub-workers to work with, it becomes relatively difficult to communicate your ideas and materialise them because everyone has their own input, even if it doesn’t coincide with what you have in mind.

What is one advice to keep in mind when designing a workspace?

You have to be very specific in your references and then work out a budget for it. It is very easy to overspend, so it’s important to stick to your allocated budget. Also, be clear on what you want and be firm when communicating that idea, otherwise, the contractors might offer you something else.

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