Work+Store Resolves Storage & Space Issues For Braking Point

Work+Store Resolves Storage & Space Issues For Braking Point

Whether you’re encountering space crunch or poor productivity while operating your business, Work+Store helps to resolve these issues through our spaces. Moreover, we also help in reducing expenses throughout your period with us, as we have some of the cheapest self-storages where users can store and pack their orders.

In fact, one of our Work+Store users who has been with us for some time, known as Braking Point, is able to benefit from using our unit to run their business and store inventory. Especially since they’re a business in the automotive industry, our spaces have been able to help fulfil their space requirements by providing extra storage.

Read on to find out what else Braking Point has to share about their fruitful experience with Work+Store.

Business background

“It started as a hobby (in automotive) 4 years ago. Therefore, I started to sell braking systems after that. Starting from a small business and now we have more items to sell.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

Diving further into what Braking Point does, they handle distribution and sales for automotive products. Additionally, they’re also the sole distributor for AP Racing products (braking system) for the Singapore and South-East Asian market, catering to both B2B and B2C orders. They’re taken online via Carousell or SG Car Mart, and customers also have the choice of collecting their orders in person, either at their workshop or our space.

With their passion and hard work over the years, they’ve managed to market braking systems of high-quality, paired with a 1-year warranty to interested customers.

Overcoming challenges

“The high competition between companies in the automotive industry and storing the selling items. Previously we stored our items at the workshop, and it was quite a hassle to retrieve those items as the workshop is not available 24/7, unlike the Work+Store unit.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

Having faced this issue, Braking Point decided to look for an alternative space to store their goods comfortably. As such, they decided to try out a storing and packing unit with Work+Store, acquiring a larger space that helps them store inventory to keep up with the evergrowing demand from the market. Likewise, they were able to gradually grow their business space by expanding their space with us.

“Around 2 years plus – I have changed from 3 different sizes starting from 100sqft on the second floor, 150 sqft, and now my unit size is at 300 sqft.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

Secured with 24-hours CCTV surveillance and access card system, Braking Point is able to access the premises whenever they need to prepare customer orders or handle any other business matters, at any time they desire. Adding on, Work+Store’s flexible service terms have also allowed them to expand their space, so as to meet the needs of their customers. Work+Store users are able to convert their existing unit space – be it a self-storage or storing and packing unit, by selecting from a comprehensive variety of products and services within our establishment, or opt for other options within our parent enterprise, LHN Group, where you’ll find alternatives like a commercial space, serviced office, and so forth.

What made the business choose Work+Store

Highly accessible location


Accommodating service terms and excellent security features aside, Braking Point is able to handle day-to-day tasks conveniently with our space.

“Work+Store is located strategically that enables me to do all my order processing activities in one place. Such as storing my selling items, packing them, shipping them out, and others.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

Most importantly, it is due to the convenience of the location, which allows Braking Point to easily transport goods from their workshop to their space at Work+Store. Likewise, it even helped customers to visit their space without difficulty.

“The location of the Work+Store space that I currently occupy is located strategically where most of my customers and partners can easily reach me for self-collection, goods delivery, or even just to see the samples of my products. The current Work+Store unit is also located nearby my workshop, which is at Kaki Bukit area.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

At Work+Store, an interested business owner can select from our multiple locations available islandwide, and we offer unit sizes whereby self storages vary from 6 sqft up up till 730 sqft, while storing and packing units start from 88 sqft onwards. The choices include options like Pasir Panjang, Tampines, Kallang, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Bukit Merah, Bartley, Ang Mo Kio, and Aljunied. Particularly, our 100 Eunos location has a number of F&B outlets nearby, and there’s even 1 complimentary season parking offered to future users. For more details, feel free to contact us. Terms and conditions apply.

Vast range of facilities

“Work+Store has provided me with the seamless journey of storing my items and processing my customers’ order with the all-inclusive utilities bill, excellent security with the key card access and CCTV cameras, free parking, and the loading and unloading area.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

We offer all sorts of facilities to users using our spaces, to ensure a seamless experience when operating their business. For instance, our Intercom System allows guests, customers, or delivery staff to communicate easily with personnel within the building, ensuring both smooth communication and safety. In addition, when asked if they would recommend Work+Store to other business owners, Braking Point mentioned that the spaces were especially ideal for new businesses who are just starting to settle in.

“Yes, because Work+Store is really suitable for startup businesses like mine. I can move in my products pretty fast into the unit with hassle-free procedures. All the essential facilities are available at their units, such as: power point, lightings, air conditioner, and others. Which in this case, I don’t need to fork out any money to renovate.”

– Edwin Lim, Founder

Adding on, Work+Store helps in saving costs even further by allowing certain businesses to keep the deposit amount, as long as they’re eligible for the Zero Deposit Guarantee programme. Through our cheapest self storages and storing and packing spaces, we’ve also helped to facilitate logistics procedures and enhance efficiency in goods acquisition so as to offer better customer satisfaction.

Just like what we’ve done for Braking Point, Work+Store strives to help sort out any business issues you’ve come across – be it limited space or inefficiency in operations. Hence, we constantly stay attentive to your needs through our services and spaces we offer.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!