Za Huo Dian Shares Storage Tips For Their E-Store Business

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

Our commitment to serving all sorts of businesses with our self storages has always been our goal. Regardless of which sector your business is in, we have a suitable budget working and storage space with numerous benefits – from our all-inclusive rates to our numerous locations islandwide.

Out of our many cherished tenants, we have Za Huo Dian who has been a tenant at Work+Store since August 2020. Discover what their business venture is all about and see how they have managed to grow their online business with our spaces.

Business background

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

“Our background in ecommerce and digital marketing plus our passion in seeing neat, tidy and minimalist homes.”

– Yilin Tan, Co-founder

Za Huo Dian kickstarted their journey in the online retail of household organising and storage essentials due to their experience in digital marketing and e-commerce. Combined with their passion for seeing tidy and neat homes, they took the plunge to pursue their business idea and become a provider of household essentials.

Targeting homemakers and new homeowners, Za Huo Dian brings in smart, functional products to ease the de-cluttering and organising process for all household members, while also ensuring that they are stylish enough to complement most home interior themes.

Overcoming challenges

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

As Za Huo Dian strives to curate a wide range of unique, smart products – they needed a suitable self-storage space to meet their storage needs. When they approached Work+Store, they realised they were able to acquire more space – and work and store at the same time conveniently. In fact, here’s how Work+Store has helped Za Huo Dian:

• Able to store more goods
• More effective space planning for different functions like storage and packing of goods
• Better time management by having both storage and workspace together in 1 location
• Provide a location for customers who prefer self-collection

If you’re curious about where our spaces are, Work+Store has several locations all over the country. The list includes Bartley, 72 Eunos, 100 Eunos, Ang Mo Kio, Pasir Panjang, Tampines, Bukit Merah, Kallang, and Aljunied. Additionally, our Bartley location at 18 New Industrial Rd has units available right now, and the building comprises of an in-house café with many F&B outlets surrounding the premises as well. If you require additional information, feel free to contact us! Terms and conditions apply.

What made the business choose Work+Store

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

Flexible tenancy terms & dedicated services

Za Huo Dian also mentioned other services that they have enjoyed at Work+Store. Aside from offering short-term periods to our tenants, which allows them to engage the space for the duration that they actually need, tenants can also benefit from a comfortable and healthy environment to work in and store their items at the same time.

“Shorter service terms compared to those traditional warehouses, efficient facilities management like clean restrooms, clean corridors, rubbish bins are emptied regularly.”

– Yilin Tan, Co-founder

We offer the cheapest self storages and work and storage spaces to meet your budget requirements, ensuring your business gets to secure an affordable unit. Storage spaces start from 6 sqft till 730 sqft, while work and storage spaces begin from 88 sqft onwards. Our service terms allow tenants to opt for their preferred service duration, and they’re also able to switch to other services and products within our building, or even our parent enterprise, LHN Group, such as vending machine locations, industrial spaces, and so on.

Accessibility & wide-ranging facilities

Cheapest Self Storage Singapore, Best Storage Space Singapore

Another benefit that attracted Za Huo Dian was our 24/7 access card system and camera surveillance.

“Key card access is pretty good as it prevents outsiders from wandering in the premise.”

– Lynn Yeo, Co-founder

Work+Store helps to keep spaces well-secured at all times and also enables convenient access for whenever tenants need to enter their unit. Meanwhile, we also have selected spaces that offer all-inclusive rates comprising of basic facilities to support a conducive working and storage environment.

“We like the possibility of being able to work in a self-storage. To us, it means a store size that is suitable for a small business like ours and having powerpoints, air-conditioners, wi-fi, etc amenities that allow us to be able to do computer work in the store at the same time.”

– Lynn Yeo, Co-founder

Work+Store always prioritises our tenants’ experience and business growth, so we are always doing our utmost to make sure you have a smooth journey using our storage spaces. Just like how we’ve helped to ease business operations for Za Huo Dian, we hope to do the same for your business in the future too.

With the cheapest self-storages and work and storage spaces, Work+Store helps to elevate business efficiency in goods acquisition processes and facilitate logistics procedures for improved customer service. Additionally, there is also our Zero Deposit Guarantee – a program that allows eligible companies to keep the deposit amount for future business expenses.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at for more information!