Personal Storage

Undergoing home renovation or upgrades? Or wish to hide seldom used household belongings? Store them here at our storage units.

About Our Personal Storage Space in Singapore

Are your bulky items occupying too much space in your homes or offices? Or perhaps you’re looking for temporary storage during renovation? Personal storage spaces away from your premises can lend you a helping hand. From rarely-used belongings like bicycles and winter wear, to heavier things like furniture, we have the storage solution for you.

What Can You Use Self Storage For?

• Moving

In between lease contracts or waiting to move to a new house? Store your newly purchased appliances and furniture at Work+Store until you are prepared to move in.

• Seasonal Items

Love visiting winter countries? Travel equipment, such as your luggage and winter wear, can occupy significant space in your home. Free up space by storing these seasonal items in our self storage facility.

• Renovation

Undergoing a home renovation project? Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bedroom, or completely overhauling your space, our self storage solution can help to safeguard your belongings from damage, dust, and debris during this period.

• Furniture

Need a temporary storage space to hold your extra office furniture or the home furnishings you rarely use? We offer different types of self storage spaces to cater to different item sizes.

Features That Our Self Storage Space Provides

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Rent a Self Storage Space: Select by Size

Worried about your bulky belongings? From boxes of small items to large furniture, we have the storage space you need! Choose from a variety of facility sizes (15 sq ft to 11 sq ft) when you rent our self storage space today.