For the Merchant Portal Guide, please refer to this link: JT Express Merchant Portal User Guide

Download the Service agreement: LHN DROP OFF JT Express Service Agreement Account Opening form

To enjoy the special rates, please perform the following:

• Complete the Service agreement and Account opening form and email to sales_sg@jtexpress.sg. Existing J&T users will also have to perform this step.

• Select the designated Drop off point at your Work Plus Store site. To indicate drop off location, user can indicate under Pickup Address under Single Order Upload/Bulk Order Upload. Selecting any other drop off location would mean that the user would not be able to enjoy the special rates.

• Please submit your most recent Work+Store service agreement along with the completed J&T documents.

• If you have renewed with Work+Store some time later after completing the above steps, please submit your new Work+Store service agreement to J&T. This is to update the validity period of the exclusive rates you can enjoy with J&T as a Work+Store customer.

Should there be any issues or clarifications, users can contact J&T Customer Service Team via email and hotline at 6939 6399 (9am to 6pm, Monday to Sunday).