Storage Facilities Options in Singapore

Storage Facilities Options in Singapore

Storage Facilities Options in Singapore

There are numerous advantages of renting a storage facility, including the ability to keep your office clutter-free or to ease relocation to a new place. Each storage facility has its own set of traits that make them favorable for different situations. Work+Store provides affordable, secure, and flexible self-storage facilities and storage spaces throughout Singapore. There are different types of storage services to choose from- Basic Storage, Business Storage, and Valet Storage. You can select the best storage service based on your needs and purpose to store where CCTV surveillance and security helps to ensure the safety of your belongings. 

Here is the detailed overview of Work+Store services to help you identify the best storage solution for your requirements:

Basic Storage:

Basic Storage banner

Basic storage is suitable for both personal storage as well as business storage. Some people face the problem of having too many goods in their house or office space that are not of immediate use and occupy a lot of space. This gives an untidy, shabby, and cluttered look to their place. Work+Store’s Basic Storage w ould be the best solution in this case. These storage units are ideal for decluttering your home and workplace, particularly things you do not use every day, such as bicycles, personal belongings like winter clothes, equipment, and more. If you are planning to relocate to another country but have not finalised your accommodation yet, you may rent self-storage space in Singapore. The storage unit provides you with extra space to temporarily keep your belongings while you complete your relocation process.

Basic Storage units are also applicable for businesses to store furniture and equipment that are not used frequently and want to store them in a warehouse storage rental where the goods are accessible 24/7 according to their own convenience. Businesses are also welcome to store their inventories in Basic Storage units if they wish to rent a non-air-conditioned unit to keep rental cost lower.

Business Storage:

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Business storage is an ideal storage solution for e-commerce and small businesses especially for the businesses that require space to carry out fulfilment services and store their inventory. All of the units are air conditioned which is better for storage of items like cosmetics, pharmaceutical products as these units help to maintain the temperature within the self-storage unit in a certain range to protect them from weather-based damage. The Business Storage units provide ample space and better privacy, storage users can perform order fulfilment duties and take business calls efficiently and effectively within the unit. There is also a communal pantry area where storage users can rest or do meet-up with clients and suppliers.

At Work+Store, both Basic Storages and Business Storages are available in three different sizes: 

Small (100sf – 199sf) 

Medium (200sf – 299sf)

Large (300sf-399sf)

You have an option to select the most suitable unit for your business and upgrade as per your space requirement.

Valet Storage:

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Work+Store provides valet storage based on two basic concepts ‘Storage by Items’ and ‘Storage by Space’. These temporary storage solutions are available at a much lesser rental rate than the regular storage units. 

Under the ‘Storage by Items’ concept, you have two options either to rent a valet box for $5 per month (you can store 80 books, 30 winter clothing, and 25 figurines) or you can pay $15 per month to store odd-sized items such as bicycles, sports equipment, baby items, and others. Whereas under ‘Storage by Space’ concept allows you to pay only for the space you utilise. This service ranges from $99 per month for 25sqft to $280 per month for 110sqft. Your belongings will be picked from your location and stored safely in the storage space. You can retrieve and get the items delivered to your desired location over a phone call.

Final thought:

Renting a storage space not only helps homeowners and business owners store their things in storage space but also gives their home and office a de-cluttered and pleasant look. Whereas business storage units serve as an excellent solution for online retailers by providing them more space for storage and packing of orders, reducing operational expenses, and supporting business expansion with flexible lease terms, wide range of storage unit sizes as well as shared facilities under their Fulfilment Hub. We hope that this article would have helped you to understand our services better and identify which type of storage for rent in Singapore is most suitable to meet your requirements.

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