Priscilla, Owner of HeyHappyPuff

Priscilla, Owner of HeyHappyPuff

Priscilla, Owner of HeyHappyPuff 

Business Storage from 202 Kallang Bahru

HeyHappyPuff is a lifestyle concept store in Singapore that started in 2014. Priscilla hopes to bring artisan-made and design-led brands together in one space.
By renting at Work+Store, she can achieve her goals without the physical space constraints. 

“As the owner of Heyhappypuff, a lifestyle concept store in Singapore, I am passionate about curating unique
artisan-made and design-led brands and bringing them together under one roof.

However, as my business grew, I faced a major challenge in finding sufficient space at home.





Luckily, I found out about Work+Store, a self-storage provider. Their accessible storage unit makes it
easy for me to fulfil our online orders and keep my inventory well-stocked.

With their one-stop solution, I found a reliable self-storage solution that allows me to focus on growing
my business without worrying about space constraints.”