Tiwi, Staff of 876 Miles

Tiwi, Staff of 876 Miles

Keeva, Owner of ASEAN Classic 

Basic Storage at 202 Kallang Bahru 

ASEAN Classic is an online business started by Keeva, with goals to bring in more cultural specialties to people in Singapore from other Southeast Asian countries. Storing at Work+Store allows her to store all her goods while enjoying our various amenities such as the live studio for her livestreams. 

Q: Share with us your story 

Seven years ago, I began working in the finance industry in Singapore. Given the nature of my job, I often worked late hours to meet deadlines.  

However, two years ago, I lost my mother as she struggled with poor health. Her passing made me realize that no amount of money can buy back the time I could have spent with her.  

As a result, I made the decision to switch industries and start ASEAN Classic, a company that specializes in selling healthier food products. 

Q: Tell us about your business 

ASEAN Classic is a SG incorporated company oriented by all Southeast Asian countries, active in collecting cultural specialties. 

Q: How has storing at Work+Store helped your business? 

Storing at 202 Kallang Bahru allows me to 

  1. Store my goods in a convenient and central location
  2. Access to my goods at any time, so I can pack and send out the order quickly
  3. Find a place to host live streams and take photos to promote my business


Q: What do you love most about storing at Work+Store? 

Besides having 24/7 access to my products, I really appreciate that there is a complimentary live studio, 

I can invite DJ hosts or influencers to do livestream promotion at the live studio without paying an extra fee for the space.