Top 4 Items You Can Store In Your Self-Storage Unit

Top 4 Items You Can Store In Your Self-Storage Unit

Top 4 Items You Can Store In Your Self-Storage Unit

As time passes, you may find yourself accumulating plenty of things. These items become a part of your journey through life. As a result, there will be plenty of objects that hold sentimental value to you. Unfortunately, everyone has finite storage space at home. Eventually, you have to make the difficult choice of what to keep and what to discard.

But what if there is a convenient solution to store your excess belongings? Enter self-storage units. Such storage rental services provide you with a safe and secure place to stow any item cluttering your home. So here is the pertinent question: what items can or should be kept at your storage unit? The answer is ‘plenty’! Let us take a closer look at some of the top objects you should store in your storage facility.

1. E-commerce inventories

E-commerce inventories storage units Singapore

Are you the proud owner of your own e-commerce business? In that case, you should be well aware of the importance of having a well-organised inventory space. Unfortunately, your house does not fit this bill. Not when you have multiple pieces of furniture and knick-knacks jousting for space in your humble abode.

What you require is a business storage solution in Singapore. And self-storage offers just that, providing an affordable alternative to your storage woes and allowing you to continue working from the comforts of your home without worrying about inventory space. Moreover, these facilities are equipped with 24-hour surveillance measures, so you can rest assured that your supplies are safe and secure.

2. Photos and mementoes

Photos and mementoes storage units Singapore

We all have something we cherish above all else. Sometimes, these objects are delicate and require special care to prevent damage. However, when you have pets or young children at home, you will understand how challenging it can be to keep your treasured possession out of their reach. A self-storage unit offers a safe and secure place to store your precious mementoes, ensuring they are kept out of harm’s way.

If you are looking for storage space rentals in Singapore to store keepsakes like your photo albums, we recommend renting a climate-controlled storage unit. This is because environmental factors such as moisture, sunlight exposure, and temperature fluctuations can damage vintage family photos, like polaroid pictures, causing them to fade over time.

3. Clothing

Clothing storage units Singapore

Who doesn’t love a good discount? When a piece of clothing with an attractive price tag catches your eye, it is tempting to buy the item on the spot. But often, we stop short of making a purchase because we cannot find the space to fit this clothing in our closet.

Does this scenario sound familiar? In that case, you can consider freeing up your wardrobe by shifting rarely-worn items into a storage unit. This is an excellent way to declutter your bedroom and improve your sleeping habits! If you plan on selling these clothes, your storage unit can function as a temporary storage solution while you begin listing them for sale on platforms like Carousell.

4. Bulky furniture

Furniture takes up a significant amount of space. So what happens when you need to declutter or renovate your living space? In these circumstances, throwing these items away does not make sense since they cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars and remain in perfect working conditions.

Storage units are a viable alternative for those seeking to store their excess furniture temporarily while they spruce up their home. Most service providers, like Work+Store, offer flexible lease terms. These arrangements allow users to utilise the storage unit for as long as they require and cancel the rental once they do not need the space.

If you are looking for the ideal self-storage unit in Singapore to maximise your living space, look no further than Work+Store. We provide numerous storage options for rental, all of which contain the latest security measures to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. Do not hesitate to contact us today if you are interested to learn more about our services.

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