Valet Storage: Streamline Your Storage Experience Today!

Valet Storage: Streamline Your Storage Experience Today!


Living in a messy and cluttered environment is not only mentally draining, but also dangerous for a person’s physical wellbeing. This is why it is important for you to ensure a clean and tidy home if you want a better quality of life. 

While some households are capable of maintaining tidiness with minimal effort, others may have too many possessions to be able to easily keep their homes organised. If that’s you, you may wish to consider self storage or valet storage. Both of which are services that allow you to rent facilities for the storage of your personal belongings and retrieve them another day when you need them. 

In this article, we learn more about valet storage and share some of its benefits to help you decide whether this storage service is right for you. 

What is Valet Storage?

Valet storage is a temporary storage concept that lets you rent a storeroom for use, according to how much space you need. It is also an end-to-end service that handles all the heavy lifting work for you. What this means is that instead of having to transport your items to the facility and arrange them yourself, the storage company does it for you. If you want to retrieve your items, they will also deliver them to your door. 

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Benefits of Valet Storage

1. Pay only for the space you utilise

In a self storage unit, you have to pay for an entire storeroom space to use it. If you do not have many items to stow away, you’ll be paying for space that you don’t need, which isn’t a very financially sound decision. Valet storage lets you pay for only the space you utilise, and it even gives you the flexibility to scale up or down depending on how many items you’ll need to store in the future. 

2. Safe and secure storage

Another advantage of using valet storage is the security and safety that it offers. Besides the sealable storage containers that they provide for you to store your belongings in, the facility that your items will be kept in contains the latest and most robust safety features such as 24-hour security and state-of-the-art surveillance systems. 

At Work+Store, our delivery men are also required to dress in identifiable uniforms for easy recognition and to ensure that you feel safe handing over your items for storage. 

3. Saves time and effort

Valet storage services help you to save lots of time that would otherwise be spent buying cardboard boxes, travelling down to the storage facility and arranging the storeroom yourself. Instead of leaving you to handle everything on your own, the storage company sends containers to your home for your packing before picking them up swiftly to transport the items to the storeroom. When you need your things again, you can schedule for a retrieval and delivery to your doorstep. It requires minimal effort and frees up your time for other more important activities. 

4. Helps declutter your home

If you’re trying to free up space in your home and need somewhere to store all the belongings that you don’t frequently use, valet storage is a quick and convenient way to remove these things from your home without disposing of them. It is a cost-effective option and it offers a separate storage space for you to declutter your home for a better quality of life. 

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Looking for an affordable storage space near you? Work+Store offers a variety of temporary storage space rentals in Singapore. Get in touch with us today for more assistance.

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