Storage Ideas

Who should use Work+Store Valet Storage service?



For the adventurous explorers touring around South East Asia, deposit your shopping bags, bulky purchases, and/or luggage with us as you move on to the next leg of your travel. Work+Store Valet Storage service provides secure baggage storage service coupled with pick-up and delivery from Singapore Changi Airport.


Home Owners

In preparation for your moving and renovation needs, clearing up the space is essential to help your contractors work better and faster. Store your furniture, sports equipment, books, and excess clothing with us. Depending on your storage needs, Work+Store Valet Storage service provides small storage space rental coupled with moving service.


Young Couples

Moving in to your new BTO marks the start of an exciting journey ahead. With twice the number of keepsakes, shoes collection from the missus and toy collectibles from the mister, both of you won’t want a cluttered home since day one. Work+Store Valet Storage service provides storage solutions to accommodate both your storage needs, without having to chuck your prized possessions.



Semester breaks are meant for play, go have fun and leave the moving out to us! We pick up your textbooks, beddings, sports equipment, and electrical appliances for storage for free and send them back when the new semester begins. Work+Store Valet Storage service provides on-demand storage and you only have to pay for what you need.



As a parent, you’ll want to provide your child with the best. That means the best stroller, the most comfortable baby cot, the prettiest clothes and the widest selection of educational materials. But what do you do when they outgrow them? Work+Store Valet Storage service provides temporary storage for your child’s items before you hand them down.