Ways to Manage Your Storage When Your Built-To-Order Flat Is Delayed

Ways to Manage Your Storage When Your Built-To-Order Flat Is Delayed

Ways to Manage Your Storage When Your Built-To-Order Flat Is

For many of us, getting the keys to our BTO or Build-To-Order flat will be like a dream come true. The construction labour crunch resulting from the pandemic has caused severe delays to the construction of BTO flats. The completion dates for these flats have now been delayed from a few months to a year. 

These delays can be frustrating and can throw you off your detailed schedules and family planning. In case you are also an impacted buyer, this news could be highly disappointing and worrying for you, especially if you now face hindrance to your plans to start a family. Here are some tips on managing the storage in your house in case of the BTO delay and minimising the disruption to your house moving!

Storage for People Looking to Create More Space

Creating space in your home becomes crucial especially if you have a small house or a large amount of furniture and household goods to store. Under such circumstances, you may consider taking an extra space for rent somewhere. 

With BTO flat delays dampening the plans for many people to move to their own homes, switching to an affordable rental option or shared living option looms up. It can be very frustrating for families or couples planning to expand their family to not get their BTO flat on time. They probably may have a plan to expand their living space or create some extra space to store their bulky house furniture and lesser-used appliances. Work+Store’s storage units can be very helpful for you here.

You can find ample external storage units at various Work+Store sites around Singapore for household storage of all kinds. You can de-clutter your home and use these storage units to store any such items that you use occasionally or are bulky, such as bicycles, winter wear, gym and sporting equipment, etc. 

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Storage for People Looking to Store Furniture Before Moving Out

If you want to avoid a long term lease that comes with typical apartments and are moving out to a co-living space or planning to stay at your parents’ or in-laws’ place for some time before taking charge of your BTO flat, you can use our Basic Storage units. These units can serve as an extra storeroom to store your items temporarily before you finalise your BTO flat shift plans. They allow access to your storage 24/7 or any time you need to drop off or pick up something from the unit.

Storage of furniture can be tricky as it is large, occupies much space, and needs to be affordable. Work+Store solves this problem for you. You can choose from our various self-storage units and move your furniture without further thinking. Just pack up your stuff, call the movers, and park all your extra household belongings in our storage units as per your space requirement. 

You can also take the benefits of our Valet Storage solutions where you need to pay for just the space utilized. You can opt for “storage by space” when you already have everything you need to store ready and will only need to retrieve them once you move to your new home. You can also choose “storage by items” where you can store regular items in cartons or valet storage boxes and even odd size items temporarily.

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What Is Good about Work+Store Storage Units?

For any type of personal or business storage solution in Singapore, Work+Store offers three categories of storage space so that you can accommodate your stuff as per your requirements. Our self-storage units are available in small, medium and large area sizes.

  • Small– The small storage units range in area from 100 sq ft to 199 sq ft. You may get these units both with and without air-con. These are well-lit and secure areas where you can store your furniture, appliances, extra clothing, luggage, bicycles, exercise equipment and many more items.
  • Medium– The medium storage units range in area from 200 sq ft to 299 sq ft. This would be the perfect storage option outside the home for those homeowners looking for bigger space to house their large and bulky pieces of furniture, musical instruments and home art studio supplies.
  • Large- Space should not be a limiting factor when you store your household stuff. We have created our large self-storage units with this thought in mind. You will find ample storage space here from 300 sq ft to 399 sq ft. available with fitted with lights and air conditioning. 

Besides the space, these units are available with or without air-con, lights, with ample parking space and secure surroundings. There is 24 X 7 CCTV surveillance available, and you can conveniently access your storage items any time of the day. All our storage units have direct lift loading with ramps to make it easier to lift and place large items.

Work+Store: Your All-time Storage Partner

BTO flat delays are frustrating, but it is time to plan your move along with hassle-free movement and storage of goods. With our Work+Store storage options available now at your fingertips, you can call us or get a quote from our friendly storage specialist. Just determine the most ideal location to rent a storage unit for your items and visit any of our storage facilities in Singapore. 

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