Why Does an E-commerce Storage Provider Provide a Fulfilment Hub?

Why Does an E-commerce Storage Provider Provide a Fulfilment Hub?

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In Singapore, around 3.3 million shoppers make purchases in the e-commerce market yearly. This ever-growing market’s estimated revenue in 2021 is USD 2,793 million. One can only imagine the humongous number of orders that are placed and delivered during this period. With a universe of options available at the customer’s fingertips, it has become even more essential for all businesses to cater to the consumer an effortless and satisfying experience.

Essentially, when it comes to the best e-commerce storage in Singapore, it is understandable when brands opt to package parcels in-house to curate an artisanal experience for the customer. Even if that may seem customizable and economical when a business is just starting, when sales grow and the company expands, a fulfilment hub is the most efficient option to effectively manage large-scale inventory, packaging and delivery operations. This is where the interplay of storage provision and fulfilment hub that Work + Store offers comes into use. At Work + Store, we bring to you these two services under the same roof. 

Here is why Work+ Store’s storage + fulfilment hub service is extremely beneficial:

Every e-commerce channel spends a significant amount of revenue on storage space for rent and 3PL (third-party logistics) that provide organization, packaging delivery solutions to clients.

While the warehouse stores the product, the fulfilment hub is where all the magic takes place. Order fulfilment is the process that takes place after a consumer places an order. It involves everything from the warehouse stage to packaging, shipment, delivery and even refunds. 

Work+ Store’s fulfilment hub offers to you unparalleled assistance every step of the way.

Effective Inventory Management

Work + Store’s multiple storage plans are designed to suit the business needs of everyone – from small businesses to e-commerce brands. The services are dedicated to ensuring flawless inventory with air-conditioned storage units and a professional environment that makes working a breeze! Not only this but there is also 24/7 access, CCTV surveillance, a pantry and direct access to the fulfilment hub.

Accessible Delivery Services

Easily Accessible Delivery Services

Accessible and affordable delivery is another hurdle faced by many growing companies. Moving packages to and from delivery services along with exorbitant rates is often exhausting, time-consuming and not worth the bother. Work + Store has come together with J&T Express Singapore with a shared mission to make the last mile count by ensuring that your packages reach your customers’ doorstep on time and in shape! Offering cheaper shipping rates and speedy delivery services in Singapore, this arrangement has been designed to craft your business’ fulfilment experience into an effortless and stress-free one.

Convenient Packing Stations

Another remarkable feature is that Work+ Store offers excellent packing stations located on the levels of the self-storage facilities. These stations are equipped with all the necessary equipment for packaging products and getting them ready for delivery. This convenient and easily accessible service makes a world of difference when you do not have to run around to different areas trying to get your hands onto equipment and one can smoothly package and sort items for delivery using these packaging stations.

Logistic Movers Service

Moving products to and from source shipments to warehouses and different places can become an inconvenience. Work + Store offers a logistic movers service with the intention of providing consumers with a one stop service from mover to storage. This mover service comprises new storage unit move-ins, business logistic needs, and even retrieval needs for the storage users.

State of Art Studio

State-of-Art Studio

It is hard to come across another storage for rent in Singapore that provides an entire photoshoot, video shoot and live streaming studio to its clients. At Work + Store, we believe that outstanding campaigns and perfecting the internet algorithm are just stepping stones to success. We are here to help you with your plans to expand your business by providing a fully equipped studio with a table and even a microphone stand. E-commerce storage users can reserve our studios for their business needs with minimal movement of goods and props. We have all the necessary equipment, including a backdrop, tripod, and a spotlight, ready for you. 

While storage forms the base camp of all operations, productive fulfilment services are also quintessential for every brand. Fulfilment services involve tiny details that add the final garnish to a recipe that shall win over customers’ hearts and leave them satisfied. 

This is the reason why storage providers provide a fulfilment hub. Not only does it help businesses put together a lovely experience for their customers, but it also assists businesses with an assortment of services that makes their experience pleasant and helps them excel. Not to mention, put a smile on their customers’ faces.

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