Why You Should Consider Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Why You Should Consider Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Why You Should Consider Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

If you are renting a storage unit in Singapore to store your personal possessions, the least you would expect is for your belongings to be kept safe and sound. So imagine a consumer’s shock when she discovered her personal possessions were damaged after prolonged storage. As the belongings were stored in a non-air-conditioned space, they were damaged beyond repair due to the change in temperature and humidity within the storage unit.

This incident highlights the importance of having a temperature-controlled storage unit if one plans on storing belongings in their storage unit. In a country with an average temperature of 30 degrees and average humidity of 84 per cent, air conditioning is necessary not just for us but our possessions too. Learn how you can benefit from storing your item in a temperature-controlled environment.

1. Prevent the formation of mould and mildew

Prevent the formation of mould and mildew-storage singapore

Singapore’s hot and humid climate is a hotbed for mould and mildew, providing them with the ideal environment to thrive. As a result, delicate items made out of paper, such as paintings and books, are susceptible to wood rot. Even lightweight fabrics like silk and line are prone to deterioration over time. 

A temperature-controlled storage unit allows you to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity, eliminating dampness from the environment, which is the primary cause of mould and mildew growth. Hence, you never have to worry about any harmful microorganisms forming and damaging any possession made from organic materials.

2. Minimise odour and foul smells

Minimise odour and foul smells-storage singapore

Have you ever caught yourself pinching your nose after detecting a funky smell wafting from the store room in your house? This smell is challenging to remove and can cling to your clothing. But what is the cause of this odour? If one of your guesses is mould growth, you are correct!

Similarly, you may encounter the same issue when storing your items in a storage unit. Fortunately, a temperature-controlled storage unit can help maintain a controlled environment, preventing the growth of mould, bacteria, or other organisms and keeping your belongings fresh, clean, and most importantly, odourless.

3. Prevent rust and corrosion

Prevent rust and corrosion-storage singapore

When metal is exposed to high levels of humidity or moisture, it can corrode and weaken over time. As you can see, this is highly problematic if you are storing metallic objects in your storage unit. Since the items are not used regularly, rust and corrosion will occur over time.

To nip this problem in the bud, you will want to prevent metal corrosion, also known as oxidation, from occurring. A temperature-controlled storage unit can help you achieve this by removing excess moisture from the environment, keeping your metal items dry and protected, thus prolonging their lifespan.

4. Remove excess moisture from the environment

There is another benefit to minimising the moisture levels in the environment. Doing so can help safeguard your furniture and electronics, as dampness can cause your furniture to warp and crack and your electrical appliances to malfunction. Additionally, we recommend not to wrap your items in plastic, as it can trap moisture. Instead, store them in their original packaging or in dry containers.

As you can see, renting a temperature-controlled storage unit is ideal if you are keeping delicate and valuable objects in prolonged storage. Beyond that, you can consider organising your items in a tidy and spaced-out manner to ensure adequate air circulation, preventing the issues we have highlighted in this article. 

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