Work+Store The One-Stop Storage Solution For SMEs

Work+Store The One-Stop Storage Solution For SMEs

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For many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore, the lack of storage space is a significant hurdle they must overcome to optimise their limited workspace and efficiently manage their inventory. To combat this situation, many entrepreneurs turn to self-storage to provide a solution for their storage woes.

At Work+Store, we understand the challenges these SMEs face, and we are glad to have provided numerous entrepreneurs with a practical and reliable option to store excess inventory and equipment. As a business owner, you can stand to gain from self-storage too! If you are still on the fence, fret not. Check out our interview with Ms. Peggy – the owner of Moliee – to learn how our business storage solutions can benefit you.

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Please tell us more about your business and the products you are offering.

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Hello! I am Peggy, a former international DJ turned business owner. Our company, which focused on food supply previously, has actually been around for close to 3 years now. As for our brand, Moliee has been around for 6 months.

So what is Moliee? I will say that Moliee is a brand created with Singaporeans in mind. We understand that many lead a hectic lifestyle. As such, our aim is to make weight management and staying healthy easy and more efficient for you.

We carry a comprehensive range of current trending health supplements, including blockee (fats/carbs/sugar blocker), cleansee (peach and passionfruit detox drink containing patented cactus extract), and shakee (barley malt flavoured meal replacement).

Our supplements are manufactured with the most highly sought-after natural extracts and contain proprietary ingredients that help improve gut health and boost metabolism. They come in the form of a pill or drink for easy consumption while providing the most optimal health effects for your body.

How did you find out about Work+Store’s storage solutions?

Google! While researching the various storage facilities in Singapore, I came upon Work+Store’s website and checked out several user reviews. Their insightful reviews reaffirmed my decision to select Work+Store for my business storage needs.

What made you choose Work+Store, particularly our storage facility located at 71 Geylang Lorong 23?

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At the end of the day, the location was the most crucial factor, and the storage unit I rented at 71 Geylang Lorong 23 was the most convenient for me. I am thankful for this decision, as I get to have my own personal workspace to store my inventory. The unit was not overcrowded and spacious enough to stow my merchandise without cluttering the area.

Additionally, I am pleased to learn that the utilities and servicing were taken care of by Work+Store. As a result, my only expense is the storage rental cost. The management team at Work+Store @ Aljunied has also played a significant role in leaving a positive impression on us, as the staff has been helpful and attentive to our needs.

Lastly, the security of the storage facility has really impressed us! With robust security measures, including 24/7 CCTV surveillance located throughout the place, I can rest easy knowing that my inventory and valuable assets are safeguarded against theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. That has allowed me to focus on my core business activities, knowing that my merchandise is secure and well-protected.

How has our WPS storage helped to address the challenges associated with your business?

The business nature of Moliee necessitates quick turnover of my inventory. That means I require a storage space to store my merchandise while serving as a work area for me and my team to dispatch orders quickly and efficiently. Thankfully, my storage unit allows me to achieve both goals.

Moliee is just one of many SMEs benefiting from our business storage solutions. If you are also a budding entrepreneur seeking a reliable and affordable storage service provider, look no further than Work+Store! We have a comprehensive selection of storage unit sizes to fit every business need. Do not hesitate to contact us today to request a quotation.

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