Our Special

Our Special

So, you have finally found your dream storage and processing unit and you can’t wait to move in. But hold on, you still need to pay for the one-month security deposit! Not only it will delay your move in process, you will also have to fork out some amount of money to pay for it.

Well, fret not! Here at Work+Store, we have the perfect solution just for YOU! Our ZERO deposit policy enables you to have extra cash on hands for your other expenses, instead of sitting idle as your deposit.

An example can be seen on the illustration above. With ZERO deposit option, you will only need to pay $50*, instead of paying $1,000 as your security deposit, and you can use the extra $950 for your other expenses!

*Amount may differ as per case by case basis.

Here are the requirements to apply for our ZERO deposit option:

  1. Your company is registered in Singapore with at least 1 Singaporean director.
  2. Your company is a registered Private Limited company.
  3. You have been trading for 3 month or longer

Interested to apply for the ZERO deposit option?

Submit the required documents below to your appointed sales representative:

  1. All directors’ NRIC.
  2. All directors’ Notice of Assessment (https://mytax.iras.gov.sg/ESVWeb/default.aspx)
  3. All directors’ Credit Bureau Search (https://www.creditbureau.com.sg)
  4. All directors’ 6 months bank statements.

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