What to Do With The Toys That Your Kids Have Outgrown

Toys are great for kids as they enable them to have fun while learning and buildings skills. However, kids grow bored of their toys quickly and parents often have to get new toys when their kids have outgrown their old ones. These toys end up taking up space in your home and adding on to the clutter you have. What should you do with all these new and functional toys that your kids no longer play?

Sell the Toys

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Selling the toys that your child has outgrown creates room for other toys which may be more age appropriate. Besides, it is going to generate some money that you can use to purchase more toys. You can look to sell these toys through online marketplaces word of mouth or toys shops that take in second-hand toys.

Donate to Charity

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Yes! It is a good thing to be philanthropic. Giving these toys to charity is a good gesture as you give a less fortunate child the opportunity to have fun as well. Furthermore, it helps to clear the cluster of toys no longer used by your kids at the same time. However, before donating them, ensure they are in mint condition.

Trading or Exchanging the Toys

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Another way of getting rid of toys is to trade them with other people for other toys. This can be an exciting experience since what is not useful to one kid may be useful to another. Kids may also participate in such an activity and choose what they like or need. However, when exchanging toys for your kids, ensure they are in excellent condition. Before your kids use the toys, clean or sterilise the toys to make sure they are safe to use.

Toy Box

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Toy boxes are pocket-friendly and save on space. Buy a toy box or get a box that is not being used at home and use it as a toy box. Apart from storing the toys they are currently playing, old toys can also be kept away. In some instances, kids will fall in love with their old toys again when you bring them out to them after a long while. Do not throw the old toys immediately! Consider keeping them in toy boxes for a period before reintroducing them to your kids again.

External Storage Spaces

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Self-storage in Work+Store offers a variety of storage solutions that you can consider for keeping outgrown toys before you decide on the best way to dispose of them. Many times, toys are kept because of the sentimental value it brings to the owner. What should you do with that giant Mickey Mouse soft toy that your husband hand carried back for your child? How about that giant Lego set your son used to play with every night before he sleeps? These toys are more than just a waste of space. By keeping these toys in an external storage space, you will not only get to keep these precious memories but also get to keep your house organised and clutter free. The storage units at Work+Store come in different sizes. You can get advice from our team to find out the cheapest self-storage option for your needs. Your items for storage may include old toys or belongings that are only used occasionally like your bulky winter wear, surfboards or even your giant Christmas tree lying around in your home. Whether your items are stored in boxes or include odd-shaped items like toy cars or children’s bicycles, we have a solution for you.

There is always a way out in any situation. With the options above, you have no excuse to litter your home with all sorts of toys. Choose one that suits you and enjoy a neat home for you and your family.

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