4 Useful Tips On Organising Your Workspace Efficiently

Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

Random boxes sitting around, messy stacks of papers and jumbled drawers – it is time to think about the organization of your workspace. This helps you to access your items quickly and find what you need. It will also allow you to maximise the space inside your unit and make your storage experience more efficient overall.

A cluttered and messy space can hinder productivity and cause you to take up longer time than necessary to get what you need. We’ll discuss some important organizing tips to ensure efficient use of your storage space.

Create a list of your items

Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

Jot down the list of items you wish to store away before you start packing them up. This helps to create a sense of order so you can organise it accordingly to your preference (alphabetically or by item type, for example) so you can refer back to it easily.

With the help of a list, you can avoid the potential stress of having to recall where specific items are and have proper tracking of your belongings. At the same time, the list can also include where exactly they are stored – this is especially useful for smaller items or documents.

Self-storages can provide much-needed extra storage to help you keep your workspace spick and span, along with additional features such as tight security to safeguard your belongings. At Work+Store, our workspaces and self storages come with 24-hour accessibility and camera surveillance. This will allow you to access your belongings anytime you wish to while ensuring it’s well-secured. You can also benefit from our flexible lease terms – including short-term leases and contract transfer to a variety of products and services within the company or our parent group, LHN Group, which comprise of a bigger range such as pop-up store location rental, event venues and industrial and commercial units.

Pack things up and label them

Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

If you’re storing a large stack of office documents and records, it should be labelled accordingly before you move it to the shelves or cabinet. Otherwise, it might be akin to finding a needle in a haystack once your document storage is in disarray state. Categorize by year or project name, for example – with proper labeling, this will help you stay organised and keep track the next time you need to find a specific document. The same goes for any other items such as inventory and merchandise products.

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Place the items you need often on the front side

No matter what you are storing, from office documents, office furniture and deco to inventory, there are certain items that you may be reaching for more often than the rest. Place them in an easy-to-reach spot or put them in front of the shelves so you can quickly access them. This will also save you the time and trouble of having to comb through stacks of boxes every time you need to retrieve something.

Go vertical

Self Storage Singapore, Extra Storage

Box things up instead of storing them individually. This way, you can store your stuff vertically to use your storage space efficiently. Boxes can be stacked to maximise space, but avoiding stacking them too high as you may have a problem accessing them later on. Make use of shelving units so you can accommodate more things. You may also wish to consider keeping a step stool or foldable ladder nearby so you can access things safely.

Besides incorporating effective design methods to save space – you can fully maximise your existing space by picking the right workspace; such as a self-storage. Apart from offering the cheapest self storages in Singapore, Work+Store also provides workspace rental which are equipped with basic facilities – lighting, aircon and powerpoint to support an optimal working environment. With the ability to work and store at the same time, this can help to improve your goods procurement process and lower logistics inefficiencies to serve your customers better.

With these tips above, you can look forward to eliminating clutter and have a well-organised workspace that won’t hinder your productivity. Without having a mess to deal with, you will feel easily motivated to jump in straight to work.

If you wish to find out more about Work+Store and our other storage options, feel free to contact us at +65 6578 9966 or WhatsApp us at (65) 8345 9966. Alternatively, you can email us at space@workstore.com.sg for more information!